Corsi & Prodotti Professionali Parrucchieri



A unique Hair&Scalp SPA Ritual: treatments against scalp disorders and hair loss witch embrace all senses. More than 13 natural active ingredients enrich the line.

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Introducing DEFENSIVE

Reconstructive hair treatment line that can be tailored to the need of the client; with Sour Grapes Stem Cells, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Argan Oil, Red Seaweed Extract

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Our Clients Say

We are proud to share some comments of our Italian clients answering the question "Why do you choose Debel?"

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DEBEL Hair Beauty

DEBEL: hair beauty & care is a family business. Proudly Italian. Since 1974.

We want to involve all our clients in our family business.

This means:

- sharing our values with clients;

- building valuable and long lasting relationships;

- supporting their professional life with the utmost care by offering high quality products and a wide range of professional services.

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