Hair & Scalp SPA Treatment

Vitlene Therapy Treatment
Nature and  DEBEL R&D led to the first ritual for the health of your hair and body: Vitlene Therapy - Natural Comfort For Hair
Reduction in hair loss
Correction of anomalies of the scalp
Prevention hair loss and scalp aging
Strengthening and improvement of hair appearance
Generation of body and mind welfare
PHASE “PREPARE”: Not all scalps are the same, so they should be treated in different ways. After a careful observation, you choose the type of ANTI HAIR LOSS MUD to apply, you choose mode and treatment time and massage technique  to be used. These attentions maximize the effectiveness of this step in preparing the scalp for the following care.
PHASE “ CLEAN – Cleansing”: Even hair washing becomes a ritual with ANTI HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO - GENTLE CLEANSING: The ingredients have been selected to replenish hair and scalp.
PHASE “REVIVE - Invigorate”:  Scalp is finally balanced, clean and stimulated to be receptive. It 's time for ANTI-HAIR LOSS LOTION INTENSIVE ACTION: Each ampoule contains the active ingredients that can counteract and prevent all causes of hair loss. The massage that follows the application is extremely gentle and involves all senses in order to create a state of well-being that is part of the ritual.
PHASE “CONTINUE”: when at home continue with a daily application. The use of ANTI HAIR LOSS TREATMENT NIGHT LOTION will consolidate the benefits obtained with the ritual in salon. The active ingredients of the product have been developed in order to act during the night hours, when the scalp is not subject to stress and the body is structurally programmed to regenerate.
10 weekly sessions of Ritual Vitlene Therapy in the hairdresser salon: a 40-minute multi-sensory experience.
10 weeks of maintenance and consolidation of the results through the daily application of the specific product at home.
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