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Anti Hair Loss Mud For Oily Scalp




Anti Hair Loss Mud For Oily Scalp

A seborrheic scalp (which produces an excess of sebum) can be a source of great discomfort.  It is associated with sensations of itching. It needs frequent washing, and it often comes together with oily dandruff which is difficult to eliminate with the only cleansing of the hair.
The excess sebum, as well as a heartfelt aesthetic problem, is certainly a wake-up call to an anomaly of the scalp and it can be a cause or contributory cause of hair loss. First step to treat and prevent hair loss is therefore to solve this anomaly.
The active ingredients in this specific mud play a keratolytic, astringent, purifying, balancing and controlling action towards sebum formation.
PYRITHIONE  ZINC – with antiseptic action for oil control,
SALICYLIC ACID – with exfoliating anti-inflammatory properties,
BURDOCK EXTRACT - astringent and purifying,
GREEN TEA - antioxidant,  
VITAMIN A –normalizes and helps cell regeneration.
Phase “PREPARE” of Vitlene Therapy treatment.
Prepare a measuring cup of Anti Hair Loss Mud For Oily Scalp in Vitlene Therapy bowl, then apply the mud evenly on the scalp with the help of a brush. Leave on for 8-10 minutes under a source of moist heat.
Proceed with a specific scalp massage, which favors the absorption of the active ingredients and improves  surface circulation; movements and intensity are calibrated according to the level of scalp tension observed during the initial evaluation.
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